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Imagine a surf trip where you have the local knowledge that will allow you to surf top-quality, uncrowded waves each day of your adventure. Surfing Panaitan gets you access to Panaitan surf that would be all-but impossible to find on your own, not to mention a huge hassle!

Panaitan Island is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park located on the south western tip of Java, Indonesia. The island is rich in surf and hosts several waves including the perfect left-hand point break One Palm. All levels of surfing are catered for depending on wind and tidal conditions from thick, fast, hollow rights to long, playful lefts. The National Park is one of World Heritage Sites and is known for its unspoilt natural beauty along with great fishing, diving, hiking & wildlife. The first fine break you might see as you approach south Panaitan's surfing bay is a legendary left point break known the world over as One Palm Point. This point break, marked by a single sentinel palm, is one of Indonesia's lefthand wonders. Waves here peel perfectly from outside to inside, barrelling the whole way over a shallow bottom that inspires paranoia but creates record-time tube rides. Indeed, this is not a place for timid or inexperienced waveriders. One Palm Point works best on a good-sized swell, a southeasterly and offshore wind, and at a more medium than low tide. It is ridiculously shallow here, so wear any protective gear you can find. Weary of long and lefthand tube rides? Then head for the opposite side of this three-kilometer wide bay where you will find both a big bombora right on the bay's outside arc-headland, plus, just inside the bay's entrance, a right hand point break, Panaitan Rights, that is not as reckless as the left at One Palm Point, but sometimes perfect.


Our specialty is providing you with a no-hassle, highly experienced, Panaitan surf adventure where you are sure to get some of the best waves of your life! Surfing Panaitan provides surf tours of the uncrowded waves on the south western tip of Java. Surfing Panitan with us is an experience unlike any other because: We are on the south western tip of Java's original Surf Camp and Surf Tour - our guides and staff are the most experienced and professional in all of Panaitan, hands down. Don't be fooled by the rest when you want the best of Panaitan. Crowds are our enemy - our experience means we know more spots and the best times to get you to them to ensure you get empty lineups not to mention we have secret surf spots that only we know about! We keep our operation small - max.6 surfers if multiple groups up 12+ for cohesive groups - to ensure that the south western tip of Java doesn't become overcrowded like surf in Bali and Gland. We are the closest operation to the airport in Jakarta, allowing you to maximise your Panitan surf time during your Indonesia surf tour. We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport. We provide you with individual attention surpassed by none


"GREAT REASONS To Surf  And Stay At Peucang Island Surf Camp And Wildlife Resort..


Peucang island is a small but very beautiful off the north western coastline of the National park, unique and pleasant tropical island with a white sandy beach, blue coastal waters and enchanting coral r eefs. Various species of wild animals are found in its forest. Peucang island is one of the country's tourist resorts suitable for ecotourism and marine tourism activities, as well as surf adventure. "Peucang" is the local word for barkingdeer, as hundreds of barking deer are found in its dense tropical forest, along with other wild animals, like monkeys, hornbill, monitor lizards and wild boars. Peucang island resort is one of the camps in the area and because it has become one of the main door to exploring the best waves in Indonesia. Surf camp is situated on a small island of Ujung Kulon National Park (world heritage site) is open to Indian ocean and only 1 hour by boat to the island of Panaitan. , aslo near the camp is great breaks as follow Angle point and PPS point


Surfing isn't the only great thing about Panaitan and Peucang island. You can go Trekking, snorkeling, spearfishing, fishing, exploring, or just relax on a hammock. The island has a variety of wild life including monkeys, deer, wildpig, hornbill and many other types of birds. Peucang Island surf camp is a wonderful place for almost anyone to go. There is a wide variety of breaks from beginner to a professional level. The surroundings are gorgeous so even if you don't surf panaitan is great place to be! Peucang wildlife resor provide Flora and Fauna friendly rooms, Peucang island lodge offers Flora  A and B lodge six superior units, rooms ranging from efficiencies to two-bedroom deluxe. Each unit has a double or twin bedded unit bathroom, air conditioner, private terraces and a spacious communal lounge room. in a radius of 1 hour by  boat to Panaitan


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surf panaitan, surf camp panaitan, surfing adventure panaitan

surf panaitan, surf camp panaitan, surfing adventure panaitan

surf panaitan, surf camp panaitan, surfing adventure panaitan


Surf Panaitan Island - Panaitan Surf Camp - Panaitan Boat Charter - Surf Panaitan Indonesia





Whether you spend a couple or full day with us, our fun and knowledgeable staff, will make your day in paradise one to remember.
Enjoy the breath taking beauty of Panaitan Ujung Kulon with a 100% customized charter designed just for you.  Trekking, fishing, swiming and relaxing are available upon request. Your private charter puts you in control of your own adventure. Just tell us how you're feeling and we'll cast off for a day you'll never forget

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